IBM Tech 2023

I love the month of December, not only because we get lucky to enjoy the snow 🏂🇨🇭 but also because it’s a time to celebrate your year’s success, finish the year pumped, and plan for the year ahead.

IBM Tech 2023 banner.

End of last week I was invited as one of IBM’s premier technical contributors to IBM Tech 2023, the new technical recognition program. This invitation is a testament to IBM’ers hard work throughout 2022 to drive innovation, transform culture and accelerate growth.

Needless to say that I’m proud, humbled, and excited for what 2023 will bring.

This type of recognition is also a testament of the support of key people who’ve been helping me, coaching me, and fostering this environment of growth and development.

Thank you Gerry Comeau ,Jon Planko, Dimple Ahluwalia, and Chris McCurdy.

Let’s go for a successful 2023!